Elevare Limited

A not for profit company. Focused on facilitating change towards regenerative culture to improve the sustainability of future generations.

With our mission being to inspire and create positive change.

Having an insatiable desire to make a difference we came up with this competition as the way to increase our impact. The majority of the proceeds from this competition will be allocated to campaigns focused on the improvement of humanities way.

Elevare Programmes & Projects

Elevare Limited is the major sponsor of a selection of community programmes and projects. Channeling fiscal and human resourses to develop and manage projects which are addressing global issues, advancing sustainable, circular and regenerative cultures to facilitating change on a local community level.

Assisting the advancement of small communities to provide improved living conditions, infrastructure management, opportunities for individual growth and examples of what can be achieved.

Education Programmes;

Elevare Limited is providing life enhancement opportunities for individuals from underprivileged backgrounds who possess the ability and ambition to advance and create improvements that will benefit humanity.


Life Skills Education for underprivileged youth seeking an alternative path and a healthy, prosperous life.

Environmental Awareness Education.

Sponsorship of Regenerative Agriculture Education. Focusing on Permaculture, Silvopasture and Farming for Carbon Sequestration.

Development Projects;

Development of Municipal Waste to Energy Management Systems in third world locations.
Each year, we produce 300MM tons of plastics globally, and over 90% ends up in landfills, incinerators, and the oceans rather than being regenerated into new materials. The plastic end-of-life challenge exists because it is currently not economical to recycle most types of low-value plastics, and we lack robust conversion technologies to increase the final product value. As a result, plastic pollution has become a global crisis that threatens the safety of wildlife and the food supplies of over 4 billion people.

Focused on the removal of litter from the environment specifically plastic trash and providing more efficient, effective processing alternatives. We are assisting communities to rectify the problem.

The Innovation; After years of research, we now have access to high-temperature pyrolysis technology which enables non-sorted plastic waste to be converted into alternative fuels and electricity in the optimum way.

The containerised process is relatively easy to implement. Capable of processing 5 to 12 tonnes of plastic waste a day, these compact units can be acquired and deployed close to occupied sites to provide street collectors with jobs and electricity for the population. Preliminary trials show that a single unit is enough to supply electricity to close to 6000 families.

Creating circular systems utilising clean, environmentally friendly waste to energy technologies. Elevare are implementing systems to stem the flow of trash into the enivironment and utilising a resource commonly referred to as waste. Presenting examples of alternatives which we hope others will follow. The vision of Elevare is to turn a global crisis into an even greater opportunity.

Urban agrihood projects. Development of small residential communities with organic, permaculture food forests and additional common recreation areas. Reconnecting the urban environment with nature and as much as possible, self sufficiency.

Concept design: The Grove

Imagine a golf course community, but instead of 18 holes, a small farm serves as the central amenity. With a variety of different housing options open spaces, trails and amenities.

Charitable Organisations We Support

Elevare Limited is also supporting a growing list of internationally recognised charities and NGO’s . Including though not limited to the following;


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

A Plastic Planet

One Tree Planted


Stay tuned to follow our progress and new projects as they are added.

Creating examples and facilitating change !

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